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Interior Layouts

Along with a large selection of accessories, double hanging options and a multitude of adjustable shelving combinations to suit every possible layout imaginable we have carefully and thoughtfully designed a number of exclusive bespoke custom fitted individual furniture like interior storage pieces to simplify, de-clutter and maximise your available storage space. These pieces come in the form of custom built hand made:

Glass Fronted Solid Dove-Tailed Drawer

Our clear glass drawers are made to the highest specification available and can include concealed soft closing drawer guides to give you a high quality self closing easy glide finish.

Pull out Trouser Rails

Extractable trouser rail providing easy access to your clothes with an anti slide grip Chrome finish.

Solid Dove-Tailed Drawer with Tie Divide

This soft-closing hardwood drawer consists of custom bespoke individually divided sections for your tie collection, a similar arrangement can be done for belts or jewellery and so on.

Hardwood Framed Linen Basket

Hand crafted custom bespoke extractable linen basket with removable washable linen bag.

Solid Dove-Tailed Drawer

Our drawers are made to the highest specification and standard available and can include concealed soft closing drawer guides to give you a high quality self closing easy glide finish,

Wooden shirt shelves

Hand crafted custom bespoke wooden shirt shelves which add a touch of luxury to your internal storage providing you with dedicated extractable shelf for the most prized shirts in your collection.


Our custom built wardrobes include accessories and storage solutions designed with your needs in mind. Below you will find a selection of interior options, but please note that all accessories are custom built for each customer depending on the solutions that they need.


  • Tie and Belt holder chrome finish
  • Tie and Belt organizer extractable chrome finish
  • Shoe Racks extractable chrome finish
  • Scarf Holder extractable hooks
  • Swivel Trouser Rails with anti slide grips
  • Trouser Rails extractable chrome finish with anti slide grips
  • Cuff link trays
  • Pull down rails with soft lift mechanism
  • Combi Pull-Out Tie / Scarf & cuff link holder extractable chrome finish

What to Consider

When choosing your custom built fitted bedroom or kitchen units it is worth noting that they are built to last a very long time so planning and tailoring the internal storage layout as well as choosing the right colour, style and finish to your specific requirements is time well spent. In our experience the extra time we spend advising and explaining to you the many choices available in terms of your layout, finishes, styles, interior storage options and all of their benefits provide you with a more satisfied long term solution for your clothing storage.

Buying Custom Bedroom Furniture

With layouts ranging from walk- in storage to more complex angled ceilings and attic storage, our custom made bespoke designs can be tailored to suit any room shape or size that you may have in your home. Storage solutions ranging from shoe collections, tie & belts, cufflinks, jewelry and handbags to name a few are easily and seamlessly integrated into your ideal, organized and clutter free custom built bedroom furniture to give you a place for each item and have each item in its place. Here at Cawley’s, we offer a holistic professional service to both the domestic and contract market.The ordering process from start to finish would comprise of an indepth consultation which we would discuss your personal taste in relation to the style and finish of your custom built bedroom furniture and also your storage needs and requirements.

Adults His & Hers

For her, the basics start with making provision for long gowns and coats that she treasures most in her collection to keep them from harm and in pristine condition which is why single / long hanging rails are a must.

For him, double the storage can be achieved with hanging bars top and bottom providing organised easy access to those prized suits and expensive shirts in his collection which is why double hanging rails are a good option for men’s storage.

We have come up with a solution to the problem of not being able to reach and utilise the top storage shelf of your wardrobe. We have relocated that shelf to the lower section of your wardrobe and replaced it with a soft lift pull down rail. This provides you with easy access to your clothes, makes use of the full height of your wardrobe and creates extra easy accessible storage lower down for drawers, shoes or handbags etc.

Children’S Bedroom Furniture

If you’re designing a kid’s bedroom its worth noting that the hanging lengths required for children will be much less than what’s needed for an adults clothing therefore double hanging rails will be much more beneficial than single long hanging rails. Plenty of shelf storage in various combinations will be of great use, especially when storing smaller items of clothing such as vests, t-shirts and folded tops etc…

Drawer storage for kids is also a great addition, providing you with easy access to everyday items while their clothes remain neat tidy and in place.

Attention to detail

Included in all our ranges of custom fitted bedroom furniture is a high level of quality throughout our Curragh range and right through to our prestigious Kingston range but instead of stopping there we have once again raised the bar in terms of quality, substance and reliability by introducing a Deluxe level in each of our ranges, these features include:


  • Blum clip on hinges with integrated soft close mechanism
  • A more substantial 22mm door thickness
  • 25mm deluxe colour coordinated shelf storage
  • 3mm moulded colour coordinated edging
  • Blum self closing concealed drawer guides

Talk to an expert

With over 40 years experience in manufacturing, handcrafted workmanship and planning along with introducing and keeping up with the latest styles, trends and designs available in both kitchen and bedroom furniture we are ideally suited to provide you with the best possible advice. At Cawleys our team of designers are at hand to take you through each step of the process from the initial design and idea to the final day of installation in your home.

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